Rethinking Everything: 6 Problems With Minimalism

I’m rethinking everything about my place on the Internet. I’ve been writing about simplicity and minimalism for the last several years. But I’m beginning to question whether I’m actually doing any good.

I love writing. I love the ideas behind minimalism. I’ve loved writing about simple living and minimalism because it has allowed me to cover a great variety of topics. But I’ve also discovered some things about minimalism that I dislike. I’m rethinking everything. 

6 Problems With Minimalism

1. Minimalism is a trend: Simple living has been around for years, since the beginning of time. For me, and many others, it’s simply common sense. The term minimalism, when used to describe a lifestyle, is only about 10 years old. It’s attracted a lot of people because it’s an online trend. But trends don’t last forever.

2. Minimalism attracts perfectionists: Earlier this year, I did some research. I asked hundreds of minimalists whether they consider themselves perfectionists. I was amazed at the results. 50% of minimalists either struggle with perfectionism or OCD. Neither of those are positive traits in my book. I want to help people move forward, not remain stuck. I embrace imperfection

3. Minimalists can be selfish: I also asked hundreds of minimalists what they do with the time and money they’ve saved by becoming minimalists. 95% of the responses had to do with themselves and their families. I’m not knocking that, but one of the biggest reasons I practice simple living is to help others

4. Minimalists compare too much: I get tired of all the comparisons. People treat minimalism as if it’s a contest. Everyone tells me that minimalism is individual, but I still get the sense that there are too many rules and expectations. I don’t want to one up anybody. I just want to live simply.

5. Minimalism is repetitive: Albert Einstein must be rolling over in his grave thinking we’ve all lost our minds. I’ve made a point to write a greater variety at Hip Diggs than many minimalists. But I’m still struggling with the repetition bit.

6. Minimalism in it’s current form is simply marketing: I’ve blogged here for over four years and have not included any affiliate links or ads. I haven’t created a paid online course. I haven’t made a movie. Why? Because it’s not minimalist. I’m amazed at the hypocrisy and contradiction I see in this trend. The people who suggest you should live simple are selling you stuff to live simple. What?   

Minimalism Will Fade And I’m Rethinking Everything

I’m going to make a bold prediction. I think this minimalist trend is going to start fading out soon. Simple living, however, will always remain. I’m rethinking everything about my own place on the Internet.

I’m a writer. I’ll never quit writing until I’m dead and gone. But writing about minimalism is getting played out. Does that mean I’m going to quit writing about simple living? Absolutely not. I’ll always include simple living in my writing because I’ve lived simply for most of my life. It’s who I am.

But I will be moving in a slightly new direction soon. I’m creating new content for a future project. It will be less about simple living itself and more about what we do next. Look for more details in my next post. I’m rethinking everything.

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