Writing Secrets: Learn What Keeps Hip Diggs Going

If you’re a writer, you’ve likely heard all sorts of tips about how to write. Words like focus, discipline, and habit all enter into conversations. I won’t lie. Those are all part of being a great writer. But I have a few other writing secrets.

Operating a blog is not simple. People might try to tell you it’s easy, but you have to write regularly. And you have to be consistent while sticking to some sort of niche. That’s challenging.

Every writer has different methods to keep themselves writing. Today, I’m going to give away some of my writing secrets. And some of them might surprise you…

Hip Diggs’ Writing Secrets

  1. Prescheduled posts at Hip Diggs: Here’s the biggest of my writing secrets. I have posts prescheduled for over a year. This allows me time to work on other projects. Writing in advance is what keeps this blog alive.
  2. Writing in big chunks: I tend to write in large chunks. As a college instructor, I get more time in the summer. So I’ll write 50-100 posts each summer. I write another 25-50 posts over winter break.
  3. 90% of my writing is hard work: When I write in chunks, I’m working hard. I don’t get inspired or motivated to write every day. I just get out my laptop and write. That work ethic accounts for most of my writing. And yes, it takes focus, discipline, and habit.
  4. 10% of my writing is spontaneously inspired: Sometimes, I get inspired. I leave some room in my Monday/Thursday publishing schedule just in case. And at times, when I get a bigger wave of inspiration, I’ll add some extra posts like this one.
  5. Variety keeps me from going crazy: If I wrote solely about minimalism, I’d have quit this blog by now. That’s why I write posts about writing, music, healthy habits, and other topics that can be loosely associated with simple living.
  6. No specific writing schedule: I don’t make specific time to write. I’ll write in the afternoon one day and in the evening another day. I tend to write anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours most days, but I can also go a week without writing at all. 
  7. No writer’s block: I don’t believe in writer’s block. You can always write something. Sometimes that might be a poem or a journal entry, but it’s something.

When Inspiration Strikes

Today’s post is an extra post. So was my recent post about victim mentality. And I’ll likely be adding a few more extra posts in the coming weeks. Here’s why:

My posts about poverty and victim mentality upset some of my readers. Sorry. You can disagree with me. That’s what makes us all unique. We see the world from different perspectives. 

I won’t rehash the topic, but victim mentality is alive and well, not just among the poor, but among all races and classes. People often play the victim. They let outside forces control their actions and outcomes.

Based on an in-depth discussion over at the Facebook No Sidebar Community, I’ve been inspired to write some more posts on topics that will address ways we can deal with overcoming victim mentality.

I’ll include posts on locus of control, self-fulfilling prophecy, and other ways I’ve learned to deal with my own victim mentality. 

Yes, these posts might stray a little from minimalism and simple living, but they also have a lot to do with motivation. And any great endeavor, including living a minimalist lifestyle, takes great motivation. Motivation takes a healthy mindset. 

Expect a few new posts the about how to break the victim mindset to be sprinkled into the Hip Diggs mix over the next few months. This will serve a twofold purpose:

First, I hope I can help others learn to let go of their fears and take action to better their lives. Second, it gives me some new topics to write about, and variety is what keeps Hip Diggs going.

Are You A Writer?

If you’d like some help with your writing, I offer personal coaching services. Simply check out my coaching packages and send me an email if you’re interested.  

Hip Diggs is a solo-author blog. I get requests from people who’d like to write guest posts nearly every day. Most of these requests are from people who want to use Hip Diggs to link to other products or services. That’s why I say, “No.”

But if you’re an established writer in the area of simple living or minimalism and would like to contribute, I’m always willing to take a look at your work for consideration.

Currently, Hip Diggs doesn’t receive any income from advertising or selling any products other than my own books. If you’d like to help out financially with the upkeep costs, please click the link below to learn more:



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