How God Has Made My Life More Simple

I don’t wave my faith around like a flag. But occasionally I like to give credit where I believe it’s due. I don’t claim that any one belief is better than another. It’s just my belief that trusting in God has made my life more simple.

My dad was a preacher when I was kid. Then he got our family into a religious cult. I have every reason to despise the idea of Christianity. Still, something deep within me has always felt some kind of presence. Call it God. Call it the Universe. But whatever you call it, I believe it helps keep life simple.

My Belief In God Has Kept Me Out Of Trouble

I’m not perfect by any means. I’ve done some stupid stuff. But my belief in a Higher Power has kept me from doing things that would have created major complications in life. I haven’t robbed, raped, or physically harmed anyone. I’ve done my best to love others. I’ve tried to follow some of the lessons I’ve learned by reading about Jesus in the Bible.

I know there are Christians who believe that God blesses them abundantly. Many people think that being blessed means you should live lavish lifestyles. I’m not one of those people. I believe that Jesus’ example is always the best place to start.

Jesus Lived Simple, So I Try To Live Simple

When I first discovered minimalism it made perfect sense to me from a spiritual perspective. Jesus lived simple. He taught us that by living simple, we’re more able to focus on God. The more we focus on God, the more we desire to live simply. It’s perfect.

I’ve always found peace and tranquility when I seek to follow something greater than myself. Peace and tranquility are part of the simple life. Whether you call it prayer or meditation, focusing on mindfulness and inner-peace by seeking God is a simple act. All of the trappings of the material world seem less important. In other words, the more I seek God, the less I care about stuff. That’s how God has made my life more simple.

Articles About God And Minimalism

What about you? Does your faith help make your life more simple? Do you need to spend more time with your God? I encourage you to participate in a spiritual practice as a means to live simple. I think you’ll find life more peaceful if you do.

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