9 Simple Solutions To Eliminate Clutter From Your Home


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about clutter busting. I don’t care how minimalist and committed you are, clutter has a way of creeping back into our lives. As I look around my own house right now, I see too much for my liking, even if it’s mostly my kid’s stuff. Let’s look at 9 simple solutions.

9 Simple Solutions To Eliminate Clutter

  1. Stop buying stuff: You’ll never become uncluttered if you keep playing the role of a consumer. If you buy more than you need, clutter will form. Even if it’s hidden in closets and drawers.
  2. Purge the unneeded: I do about three purges a year. I’m not a hardcore minimalist, so I’ve never given everything away in one fell swoop. I simply do purges every other time I do a deep house cleaning.
  3. Clean up after every meal: This is simple for me. I just quickly wash the dishes I use to make and eat my meal. But it’s harder when there are others living in the house.
  4. Don’t let the laundry go: Wash clothes when you have a load. Fold them and put them away after they are dried.
  5. Make the bed: Does it really make a difference to your motivation level if you make your bed? The jury is still out on that one. But it does reduce clutter. An unmade bed looks messy.
  6. Conquer the morning: Get chores done in the morning. Even if you just get up 15 minutes earlier, that’s time enough to do a load of laundry or neaten up a bathroom.
  7. Last call: Do a quick clutter check right before bed. Throw that junk mail on the desk away. Put that snack dish in the dishwasher. It only takes seconds.
  8. Pick up after guests: When guests come over, they leave traces. Do a quick check after your guests leave.
  9. Be tough on your kids: 95% of the clutter in my house comes from my kid. It’s hard to constantly get on your kids to pick up after themselves. But you have to be tough.  Not only will it keep your house neater, your child will learn responsibility.

These Simple Solutions Will Work Every Time

I practice the first 8 simple solutions daily. So you’d think my home is always neat. I’d be lying if I claimed that it is. Number 9 is the biggest challenge for most of us with kids. I can’t imagine having more than one. 

I’ve learned to tolerate a small amount of clutter. But I make a point to never let it get too far out of control. Annie knows that I mean business when I tell her to pick up the mess, “Now!” Not complying usually means a loss of screen time

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