Slow Changes Coming To Hip Diggs

If you follow my Facebook Page, you may have noticed some posts about changes coming to Hip Diggs. If you don’t follow the Facebook Page, I’ll fill you in now.

I recently changed the name of my Facebook Page from Hip Diggs to Hip Diggs, by Dan Erickson. I have two reasons for making that change:

  1. About half of the audience that has discovered my work through Facebook thinks my name is Hip Diggs. Guess what? It’s not. And I’d like to be known as a writer by my own name. 
  2. I’m slowly rebuilding my original blog at and I plan to change the Facebook Page solely to “Dan Erickson” in the future. That’s if Facebook cooperates.   

The Changes Won’t Effect Hip Diggs Immediately

I love simple living. But that’s only one part of who I am. Therefore, I’ve decided to broaden my horizons. I’ve redesigned and refocused my blog. The topic is Simple Habits for Success. It will include some posts on minimalism and simple living, but will be more motivational in nature. There will be four main categories: creativity, productivity, simplicity, and success. 

I’ll be putting more time and energy into developing that blog. And in the long run, I’ll likely gravitate toward writing primarily over there under my own name. 

That said, I’ve written enough material for Hip Diggs to last for months to come. And I’ve made no definitive decisions to quit here entirely. In fact, the two blogs are so interlinked that this blog will likely remain live indefinitely.

Shifting The Newsletter

I’ve also changed the name of the newsletter (which I don’t send out often enough) to Hip Diggs, by Dan Erickson. As with the Facebook Page, in the future, I’ll be changing the name of the newsletter simply to “Dan Erickson” as well.

I hope that clears things up. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting, just going through some slow changes.

Update: I’ve done away with newsletters, at least for a time

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