5 Reasons To Watch Less Sports On Television

I grew up loving sports. As a young boy, I watched sports on TV almost every day. I still like some sports, but I stopped watching more than an occasional game on TV years ago.

Sports are American traditions. Baseball, football, and basketball were my favorites as a kid. I loved watching my favorite teams play. As I got older, I stopped watching sports on TV as often. I discovered something. I was able to get more done by watching less TV.

I’m not suggesting that you stop watching sports on TV altogether. I still like to watch the Super Bowl, the World Series, and some occasional Seattle Seahawks games. What I am suggesting is that you limit your time watching sporting events on the television.

Why You Should Watch Less Sports On TV

  1. You’ll get more done: If you’re falling behind on the household chores, too much TV might be the reason. You can’t get the yard mowed and the house cleaned if your constantly glued to ESPN.
  2. You’ll eat less junk food: What goes great with a game on TV? Pizza, chips, salsa, hot dogs, and all sorts of unhealthy food. When was the last time you ate a salad while watching a football game? 
  3. You’ll drink less alcohol: I like an occasional beer. But sitting in front of the television for 5 hours at a time while drinking a six pack isn’t a good habit. Not everyone drinks and eats junk food during games, but it is common practice. Less sports on TV might help with this problem.
  4. You can do something more productive: I never made a point to spend less time watching sports on TV. I just started doing other stuff. Music, exercise, writing, and blogging became more important than most televised sporting events.
  5. Live games are much better: I love going to live baseball games. It’s a great way to spend a relaxing evening with family and friends. It doesn’t have to be major league either. Minor league games are less expensive and just as fun to attend.

Try Playing Sports Instead

Here’s another idea. Instead of sitting on our butts screaming at the TV while eating pizza and drinking beer, we could get out and play a sport.

The only downside to this idea is that some sports require a lot of equipment which doesn’t seem very minimalist. But there are many outdoor activities that are simple and healthy. And it’s never too late to start.

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