7 Simple Spring Cleaning Secrets: Are You Ready To Clear The Clutter?


It’s spring again! Are you ready to clear the clutter that’s gathered all winter? It’s not always easy. Tackling cluttered messes can feel overwhelming. There’s hope. Today, I’m sharing 7 spring cleaning tips. You might be surprised.

Many people struggle with clutter. So before we look at the 7 spring cleaning secrets, let’s diagnose the problem. Why does clutter happen? Plain and simple, clutter happens because we buy too much and refuse to let it go. It’s an attachment disorder: we’re emotionally attached to our stuff.

Getting rid of the clutter starts inside yourself, not in your home. Your home is just an outward representation of your mindset. That said, this post might not be the neat little how-to-post you expected. Rather, I want to give you encouragement to go deeper and make a more profound change.

7 Spring Cleaning Secrets

  1. It’s not just a spring thing: Why do we wait until spring to clean? The term spring cleaning creates a false presumption that it’s a special season for getting rid of clutter. If you really desire a change, you’ll clean in any season. You’ll critically examine your possessions all year long. You’ll regularly let go of the things you don’t need. It’s not a New Year’s thing, either.
  2. Don’t be a slave to media: Why do we buy more than we need? Because we’re being programmed to. The media and the advertising industry continually tell us how we should live. Their message is that we need more, more, more. Don’t believe it. People have lived with much less and been much more happy.
  3. Stop making comparisons: So what if your friends, your neighbors, and even family members have more stuff than you do? So what if they buy more expensive products, drive faster cars, and live in bigger houses? It makes them no better than you. Don’t base your own choices on what others are doing. Be unique. Base your choices on what’s best for you, our society, and the environment.
  4. Recognize your illness: We’re all sick to varying degrees. We all seek something more than what we currently have. I’m no exception. I want to find more profound success in sharing my message of simple living. What we fail to recognize is this: what we really need is already there. It’s within us. Some call it sprit, some call it Zen, I call it Christ. When we recognize that our drive for more is an attempt to replace what’s already there, we find the ability to detach ourselves from all the junk we think we need.
  5. Reconsider your needs: How much do we really need? If we’re honest, we know we need far less than most of us have. Consider how many new products have been invented for our convenience. We don’t need them. We’ve been sold. Most of us could likely do without 60-90 percent of what we currently have.
  6. Stop making excuses: I know many of you lead busy lives. I know that clearing the clutter seems like an overwhelming task. But as long as you have reasons why you can’t get started, you’ll never get started. I was forced to start the process when I moved across country back in 2001. Don’t wait until you have to unclutter. If you do, it will be even more overwhelming. 
  7. Get started today: Take the first step as soon as you finish the post. Don’t wait. You don’t have to tackle the basement or the garage… yet. You can start with something as simple as your wallet or the kitchen counter. Just get started. Once you get a little bit done, set a specific time to start on another uncluttering project. Little by little you can reach your goals.

The 8th Secret Is Simple: Repeat Regularly

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Hip Diggs wants to teach the world to live simple. I hope these spring cleaning tips are helpful. Will you help us spread the word. Share our posts, read our ebooks, spread the message.

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