Stop Rushing: 7 Ways To Slow Your Schedule

Does it feel like you’re always rushing? Are meetings, appointments, commitments and family responsibilities becoming too much to juggle? Stop rushing. Rushing leads to stress. Stress can lead to health problems. There are many ways to slow down, but you need to be intentional.

Life can get busy. I know. I’m a single dad of an 11-year-old girl. I used to always feel rushed. But with some planning, I’ve learned to stop rushing. It’s all a matter of scheduling. It’s all a matter of what you consider priorities. Today, I’ll share a few of my scheduling secrets with you.

7 Ways To Slow Your Schedule

Set your priorities: Your first task is to write down your schedule in a simple list format. Be detailed. Include things on your daily schedule. Include your appointments. Include your shopping. Include meetings. Include entertainment. Include everything. Next, look closely at the list and break it down into two lists: necessities and non-neccesities. 

Slash the excess: One reason you don’t stop rushing is that there’s too much on your schedule. I used to have Annie signed up for two or three after-school activities. That’s too much. I used to play music in two different bands. That’s too much. I was always running. I slashed several activities from my schedule. If your schedule is already full, don’t add more.  

Limit shopping trips: How often do you go shopping? I used to go shopping too often. I started coordinating shopping trips and buying more of what I needed during each trip. Now I shop about three times per month. This saves a lot of senseless running around.

We Need More White Space

Schedule blank space: No, I’m not referring to the Taylor Swift song. I’m talking about back-to-back appointments. If you want to stop rushing, you need to keep a little blank space between different appointments and activities. You need a little time to think, a little time to breathe. Blank space slows your schedule.  

Take time to walk: This might seem counter-productive, but walking helps us to slow down. Taking intentional walks allows you time to process everything you need to do. It’s also good exercise. Don’t power walk, just walk at a brisk pace. You’ll be surprised how much relaxation you’ll get through walking.

Take time to sit: In order to stop rushing, you need to reprogram your brain to stop rushing. Being constantly busy can become an addiction. But it’s not healthy. When you take time to sit and do nothing, you train your brain to be okay with slowing down. You might drink some tea or meditate, but don’t watch TV or use social media during your sitting time.

Choose love: In the end, it’s not how much we accomplish or how successful we are in business that matters. It’s love that matters. Put your relationships with family and friends above work and extra-curricular activities.

Learn To Say No

You might need to say no to a few people. You might need to cancel a few of your current activities. But if you intentionally consider what’s truly important, you’ll be able to stop rushing and slow your schedule.

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