3 Ways To Deal With An Unwelcome Guest

The fact that minimalism gives us more time to spend with the ones we love is great. But what about the ones who create problems? How do we deal with an unwelcome guest?

It’s happened to everyone at some point. You’re enjoying a quiet afternoon when someone knocks on your door. You answer the door and your concerns are confirmed. It’s that person. You know, the one that stops by anytime, uninvited? The one who can’t take a hint that you have other things to do than entertain him. It’s an unwelcome guest. What do you do?

You Have Three Basic Options

  1. The passive response: You don’t have the heart to tell your unwelcome guest that you’re busy. You don’t want to be rude. So you try to be polite and act like you weren’t busy. There’s a problem with this response. You’re reinforcing the unwelcome guest’s behavior. Now he’s more likely to return without an invitation. And you’re sacrificing your own peace and tranquility. 
  2. The assertive response: You clearly let the guest know that you weren’t expecting her. You tell her that you’re sorry but you’re busy and that now is not a good time to visit. But what if this guest is one of those unwelcome guests that doesn’t get it. You know the type. She still doesn’t leave. And by letting her stay, you still reinforce the inconsiderate behavior. 
  3. The aggressive response: No one likes to do this. But sometimes it must be done. After asking politely and being ignored several times, you ask the guest in no uncertain terms to leave. You may have to raise your voice and open the door to help get your point across. Worst scenario, you yell at them to get out.

If The Unwelcome Guest Still Won’t Leave: Read On…

You might need to take legal action. Here are a few articles that might help:

As you see, this situation is not always simple. Before you take any major actions, ask yourself:

  1. Have I tried everything possible? Before you take legal action, tell your unwelcome guest that you’ll call the police if they don’t leave. Sometimes this is all it takes. They’ll leave before the police arrive to escape that situation. If you’ve really tried everything, you may need an attorney’s advice.
  2. Am I ready to take legal action? If you take legal action, it may cost you money. But it also may cost relationships with either, the guest, or their friends and family. Still, if you’re own privacy and well-being are at stake, you need to consider this alternative.
  3. Will I regret my decision? If this is a temporary problem, you may not want to act rashly. When you do something based on emotion, you might regret it later. But if your unwelcome guest has shown repeated, longterm behavior, you may need to take action.

There’s No Easy Answer

No one can make this decision for you. I can’t offer you a definitive solution because every situation is different. I simply encourage you to think it over thoroughly before you take action. Remember, always do what’s best for you and your immediate family.

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