The Value Of Music, Art & Travel: It’s Not Always About The Money

Before you swear off all material possessions, stop and consider value. Each item we buy has value, some things have value beyond money. I recently bought my daughter, Annie, a clarinet for band. She was beaming. That in itself was worth the $125 price tag for a used instrument. But there’s more:

I don’t have much use for gold, but some things truly are worth their weight in gold. I might be a moderate minimalist, but that doesn’t mean that I live in a tiny, empty house. And it doesn’t mean I won’t splurge on an item or an experience.   

Music, Art, And Travel

We could make a longer list of possessions and experiences than music, art and travel, but these three stand out for me. Anything that brings joy, offers, beauty, or helps us to share our talents with others, holds a certain intrinsic value.

A guitar is more valuable than a microwave oven. An art studio is more valuable than a diamond ring. A trip to Port Townsend, Washington for my daughter’s sailing lessons is more valuable than a big-screen TV. Money spent on experience is money well spent. Let’s take a closer look at music, art and travel:

The Power Of Music

Children benefit in many ways when they learn to play music. It teaches patience, discipline, creativity, and much more. Read: 10 Ways Music Benefits Children @ She Knows

I’ve played music since I was a kid. I played trumpet in band. I started playing drums and guitar in my late teens. I’ve gained hundreds of hours of education and pleasure from playing music.

Now my daughter is playing music, too. It’s better than playing on an iPad. It teaches her social skills. It teaches her stick-to-itiveness. And she loves it. Those are valuable things. So, we have another musical instrument in our house? I’ll never regret having musical instruments.

For The Love Of Art

Last summer, I spent a few days and $150 creating an art studio in the small room next to the garage. Now, Annie and I have access to paint, pastels, charcoals, and more. We can spend hours creating. This spurs our imaginations and teaches creativity. Practicing art has value. Read: Why Art Is Important For Young Children @

The same goes for buying art. If something adds beauty to your home, it adds value to your life. That doesn’t mean you have to cover your walls with thousands of dollars worth of art. Sometimes, a $20 painting from an antique store can hold as much beauty as an expensive piece of art.

The Value Of Travel

Experiences hold more value than money. In the article, 15 Things More Important Than Moneyat The Simple Dollar, experience is #1 on the list. 

I take Annie to places of natural beauty. I take her to national parks and historical monuments. She’s been to the Statue of Liberty, the St. Louis Arch, and Mt. Rainier. She’s taken sailing lessons in Port Townsend and visited The Little House On The Prairie Museum in Kansas.

These adventures create time for us to bond. They create memories. They offer educational experiences. And they’re fun. That’s a lot of value for your money.

The clarinet I bought for Annie will bring years of patience, discipline, and joyful music into our home. The art studio will be a great outlet for creativity. Every travel experience will live on in our memories. Yes, the value of music, art, and travel are worth much more than their cost in money. They have value beyond measure. 

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