Visualize Less To Reach A Place Of More

Have you ever visualized yourself living in a small, simple, minimally furnished home? I sure have. And when I visualize living with less stuff, I begin to slowly get rid of things. 

Visualization is another strategy to help you reach your goals. We can visualize many things. Take a moment to visualize yourself…

  • living in a beautiful minimalist apartment.
  • eating healthy and losing weight.
  • exercising every day.
  • having more money than you’ve ever had.
  • operating a succesful business.

When We Visualize Success, We Can Achieve It

Since this is a blog about simple living, I thought I’d start by pointing out how we can easily use visualization to simplify our lives. Close your eyes and visualize your living room with less clutter. In your mind’s eye, consider how little you really need and remove the things you don’t.

I often visualize how little I really need. I can see myself living in a 500-700 sq. ft. apartment after my daughter is on her own. And by visualizing less, I’m practicing a strategy that can help me achieve more. When you understand the power of visualizing your goals, you can begin to use that power in other areas of your life.

Visualize More Financial Success

Would you like more money? Who wouldn’t? Well here’s a simple equation: buy less stuff and have more money. I never made more than $20,000 in a year until I was 38 years old. But even when I was making less than $10,000 a year, I was doing okay. Why? Because I was living simply. 

Now, what if I took away all the stuff that I’ve accumulated over the past 20 years: the house, the cars, the TVs, the phones, the computers, the bills. But now I have an income of more than $60,000 a year. Wow. That means I’d have more expendable income than I ever have in my life.

Next, I visualize using that extra money to develop a lifestyle business. I visualize publishing and selling books. I visualize creating online courses and helping thousands, even millions of people.

All the while, I can still live in a small, inexpensive space with the basic needs. And it all starts with a simple vision.

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Dan Erickson

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