5 Reasons To Start A Self-Hosted Blog

Starting a blog is exciting. Owning your blog is even more exciting. There are different ways to start a blog. Some blogs are free. Some blogs will cost you a small amount to start and maintain. They’re called self-hosted blogs. Self-hosted blogs are better than free blogs. Here’s why:

Do you want to start a blog? You could use a free platform like www.wordpress.com or www.blogger.com. Or you could get your own domain name. If you’re really serious about writing and sharing your message, the second option is better.

Why Start A Self-Hosted Blog?

  1. It’s easy: Starting a self-hosted blog is easy. You just choose a name and find a host. Hosting services like Go Daddy, Fat Cow, and Bluehost are all valid options. Do a little homework and choose the host the suits your needs best. Your host will have a domain search tool and a variety of hosting packages to choose from. Getting your own URL and going the self-hosted route leads to great rewards.
  2. It’s yours: When you get your own domain, it’s yours. Sure, you could use one of the free blogging platforms through WordPress, Blogger, or a number of others, but it’s not really your own. Your address will be at their mercy. When you go self-hosted, your blog has your individual stamp on it. You’ll have a specific domain name that speaks to your specific audience.
  3. More control: Once you learn the basics of blogging, you’ll have more control by having a self-hosted blog. There won’t be any preexisting policies set by the free blogging platform. You’ll be able to blog what you want, when you want.
  4. More power: With self-hosted blogs, you get more tools to help your blog stand out. Free blogs offer a small array of blogging tools. But when you’re self-hosted, you’ll have the advantage of hundreds of themes, widgets, and plugins to give your blog its own personality. That’s powerful and enough reason in itself to go self-hosted.
  5. More credibility: Let’s face it, going self-hosted will lend you more credibility. Look at it this way: Would you rather get you car fixed through a mechanic with his own shop, or a mechanic who has a little corner in another mechanic’s shop? Free blogs are like renting out a corner of a bigger space. Self-hosted blogs are your own space. Having your own space allows you to create an image. The right image earns you credibility.

Hip Diggs Offers Blog Coaching

If you’re ready to start your own blog, I’d like to help. Hip Diggs isn’t affiliated with any specific hosting company. I don’t get a commission to get you to sign up with my host. I’d simply like to help you choose the best hosting company for you. I can help with choosing a domain name, finding the right theme, and creating a simple and beautiful look to your blog. I can also help with developing your about page and brainstorming blog posts.

If you’d like my coaching services, I’m currently opening a few spots. But this is only for a limited time. Learn more about my simple coaching packages. Contact me at danerickson@danerickson.net for more information. To see more posts at Hip Diggs, just click the link below:

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