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Are you creative? If you are, you’ll love The Creative Side. I believe that simple living and creativity are closely related. When we simplify our lives, we have more time and energy to practice the creative arts.

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Before I blogged at Hip Diggs, I blogged at Last summer, I decided to shut the Dan Erickson site down for a complete redesign. I started from scratch and came up with The Creative Side.

I’ve been creating stuff all my life. I play a bunch of musical instruments. I’ve written hundreds of songs and poems. I’ve written several books. And of course, I’ve done a lot of blogging. But The Creative Side isn’t just a platform for my own work.

Discover Your Creativity

My goal is to help others find and develop their creativity. If you or someone you know wants to get more creative, send them over to The Creative Side. Check out my work with me page to see how I can help. Or just read the posts and sign up for the newsletter.

I’ll still be putting more of my focus into Hip Diggs and simple living, but creativity has always been a part of who I am. I’d love to share that creativity with you. Visit The Creative Side.

Update: The Creative Side is now simply called, “Life”

Dan Erickson


Dan Erickson

Dan Erikson is the passionate voice behind Hip Diggs, where he explores the art of living simply and intentionally. With a keen eye for minimalism and its profound impact on our lives, Dan delves into topics ranging from decluttering spaces to decluttering the mind. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep appreciation for the minimalist ethos, he offers readers practical insights and actionable steps to embrace a more meaningful, clutter-free life. When he's not penning down his thoughts on Hip Diggs, Dan enjoys the serenity of nature, reading, and exploring the nuances of simple living in a complex world.

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