Change Things Up: Variety Leads To Happiness

A loyal Hip Diggs’ reader suggested that I write more posts about my meals. That’s not a bad idea. I could do the same for my exercise program. Or what I wear each day. And the decor in each room of my home. But it got me to thinking. I don’t eat and wear the same things every day. I change things up.

The same day I received the supportive email from a loyal Hip Diggs’ reader, I started watching a documentary about happiness. Early in the film, I noticed a theme that made me go, “aha.” Two big predictors of happiness are physical activity and variety.

Life Is More Interesting When We Change Things Up

I’d like to share my response to David. He’s the loyal reader I mentioned. He’s been offering me links and insights to more information about simple living and minimalism. Here’s what I said:

Thanks again for you compliments, David. I thought about the idea to post something about what I eat for each meal. That also gave me the idea to post more personal posts about what I keep in each room of my house. What I wear, etc. And perhaps that will be something I’ll mix in in the future.

There are pros and cons about getting more personal and specific in posts. The advantage is that honesty, authenticity, and transparency are all traits readers tend to respect. The disadvantage is twofold:

Fear And Change

Let me explain. I’m not really afraid to get more personal about exactly how I live. The problem is that I don’t always live simply. Yes, I do my best. Yes, I have goals and plans to do better. But I’m not perfect. I also like to change things up. Here’s more of my message to David concerning the disadvantages of posting more details about my own life:

1. My diet, my lifestyle, my home, may not be as “minimalist and healthy” as people expect. My goals are always to move in that direction, but that doesn’t mean as a single dad with a full-time job, I’m able to live exactly how I want as a minimalist. 2. Change. I don’t eat the same things for each meal. I don’t keep a closet with only certain items. Last night, I started watching a documentary about happiness. It suggested that one of the biggest factors in our finding happiness is change. It’s not just exercise, it’s switching up the variety. It’s not just what we eat, it’s trying new things. It doesn’t matter what we keep in each room, it’s being willing to change what we keep in each room, even if it’s simple change.

Minimalists Need To Change Things Up

One thing I struggle with in regard to writing about minimalism is that it can be repetitive. I hear minimalists makes claims that minimalism is different for everybody. But I see those same minimalists setting rules and routines for themselves. They make suggestions that their readers should implement the same rules into their own lives.

Perhaps this is one reason I struggle with the term minimalist. I don’t want to do the same things day in and day out. I want to vary my meals, even if I eat some things that are less healthy. Why should I limit what I own to certain styles? It’s good to change things up. I might own solid shirts for a few years. Then I might switch to plaids. Same goes for my exercise, home decor, and hobbies.

If Change Leads To Happiness, Don’t Stop Changing

Studies say that change leads to happiness. These don’t have to be big changes, they can be as simple as the following: 

  • Eat something different once or twice a week.
  • Try new forms of exercise.
  • Change up your walking, running, or biking routine.
  • Get a new piece of art for your wall.
  • Take a different route to work.
  • Add some simple variety to your wardrobe.
  • Try a new hobby.

Here’s the rest of my message to David:

That got me to thinking about how I’ve always been one to like change and not get stuck in too many routines. And it makes sense.

So perhaps, I’ll get more specific about my personal diet, wardrobe, exercise, etc., in the near future. But it will still be hard to pinpoint, because change is part of what keeps life interesting.

Are You Ready To Change Things Up?

The key to happiness is simple. It’s in accepting and creating change in our lives. Change things up! You may not see immediate results, but with time, as you make simple changes, you’ll be amazed at how much happier you’ll become.

If you want to learn more, get your free book today. Just click the link below for the PDF file: 

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