How Our Judgment Of Others Is A Reflection Of Ourselves

We often judge others. There are several ways we can judge a person. We can be critical of their image, their skills, their ideas, or their beliefs. But in many cases our judgment of others is simply a window into our own hearts and minds.

You might notice that I can be critical at Hip Diggs. I’ve dissed tiny houses, transformable apartments, the fantasy self, capsule wardrobes, and minimalism itself. I’ve complained about microwaves, coffee tables, rugs, and screen doors. But those are ideas and things, not people. 

Making Judgment Is Something We Do

As human beings, we have to make judgments throughout our lives. Should I take the job? Is the water safe to drink? Does my child deserve punishment for her misbehavior? There are many good reasons we have to make judgements. But I’m not talking about decision-based judgements. I’m not talking about judging ideas or theories. Today’s post reflects upon our judgment of other people.

I consider myself a Christian. And I really believe in these simple words that Jesus said,

Judge not lest ye be judged.

I remember learning this lesson in my 20s while I was living and working at a hotel in Nashville. I did maintenance and room cleaning. There was a prostitute living and working out of the hotel. The management kicked her out. When I cleaned the room, the Bible was clearly opened to the words,

Judge not lest ye be judged.

Can we know what led that woman to living the lifestyle she did? Did we experience the things that drove her to prostituting herself? I highly doubt that any woman ever plans on becoming a hooker. It was at that moment in that hotel room that I made a decision. I would always try to refrain from judging others. Of course, I’ve failed miserably. But I hope I’ve done my best.

Politics, Religion, And Gender, Oh My!

Mention any of the three: politics, religion, and transgender, and you’re bound to hear judgement from and about others. But who are we to judge? Although I’m a Christian, I’m also very tolerant, and open to other religions. I know those who would point fingers at Mormons, claiming they’re in a cult and are unforgiven. Who are we to make that judgment? I’ll leave that up to a higher source.  

I have family members and friends who have chosen to live transgender or alternative lifestyles. Who am I to claim they are right or wrong, good or bad? Do I know what’s in their hearts and minds? How could I?

When we judge others, we are only reflecting our own weaknesses and fears.

Judgement As A Reflection

When others judge you for your personal beliefs, know that it is their weakness showing, not yours. If someone judges you because you don’t believe in God, it only shows that they are not following God as faithfully as they could. If someone judges you based on your political beliefs, it only shows you that they tend to see the world in black and white rather than from a variety of perspectives.

Judging others is weak. It’s a sign that we have our own issues to deal with. Whenever I catch myself judging someone based on their lifestyle choices, I step back and reconsider what might have led them to where they are. Might there be a little of what I see in another in myself? If I claim someone is selfish, might I not be seeing my own selfishness? If I claim that someone is rude, have I never been rude? 

I still catch myself judging others. But I also understand that I will be happier and healthier when I don’t judge others. Why should I work myself up over others’ attitudes and beliefs? I’m secure in my own beliefs. Isn’t that all that should really matter?

Life is better when we don’t judge others and simply live and let live.

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