5 Ways To Stay On Track With A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s so easy to get off track with a healthy lifestyle. But getting off track isn’t the end of the world. You can get right back on. Today, I’ll teach you 5 ways to stay on track with your diet and fitness goals.

I’m not a health and fitness guru. I don’t have the perfect diet. I’m not buff and I don’t care. That’s part of my secret to stay on track with my diet and exercise. I keep it simple.

5 Ways To Stay On Track

  1. Keep goals simple and reasonable: When I was younger, I wanted to be chiseled. Now I just want to be healthy. That’s all. Staying healthy can be as simple as a daily walk and eating a few healthy items a day. 
  2. Don’t push too hard: I’ve always found that pushing too hard backfires. Extreme diets get old and you crash. Too much exercise causes physical stress and you burn out. Be moderate in your quest for a healthy life. 
  3. Know you’ll have imperfect days: I ate pizza today. That’s okay. I missed my workout earlier this week. That’s okay too. As long as you’ve created habits, the occasional imperfect days won’t stop you. It’s when you get down on yourself for the bad days that you’re more prone to quit altogether.
  4. Take little steps every day: Even if I only get five minutes of stretching in, that’s something. Eating one apple is good. You don’t have to workout for two hours and eat a salad every day. Some days you can do more than others, but do a little every day.  
  5. Keep going: Here’s the key. Even if you go a week without a workout or healthy meal, you’re not dead in the water. Take a walk and have a healthy snack. If you keep going, you create habits. Habits have a way of sticking with you.

It’s As Simple As That!

That’s it. The bottom line is simple. Don’t try too hard. That doesn’t mean that you just let it all go. It means you keep the mindset to stay on track, but you don’t get down when you slip a bit.

A healthy lifestyle does not have to be obsessive. In fact, if it becomes obsessive, it’s no longer healthy. Just do your best to get a little exercise and eat something nutritious each day.

Good health to you!

Dan Erickson


Dan Erickson

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