Change Is Slow: Stop Stressing Out

At the beginning of the year I said that my biggest goal was to reduce stress. How’s that going? Okay, although it could always be better. One reason we tend to feel stress is that we want things to change. We want change now! That’s not realistic. Change is slow. Stop stressing out!

Fast change is unrealistic. When things change fast, it’s often not a good thing. So why do we get upset when things don’t change quickly? It’s simple. We’re impatient. We’ve been programmed to believe that change happens fast. We’ve been told that when we’re not getting results, it’s our own fault. That’s a lie.

Stop Stressing Out About The Future

This is one of the biggest reasons for stress. We worry about our future. But worrying about our future is dumb. Thinking about the future and setting some goals is one thing, but worrying because we’re not getting there fast enough is stress producing. Consider the following goals:

  • Lose 30 pounds
  • Reduce debt by $10,000
  • Downsize your home by 35%
  • Build a profitable business
  • Run a marathon

These are all admirable goals. Stop stressing out about reaching them. Here’s the deal: Reaching any longterm goal is not really about the future. You could die in five minutes. Reaching longterm goals is about NOW! What are you doing today to get where you want to be tomorrow?

What Are You Doing Right Now?

You already know that I promote slow change. But making any change has more to do with what you’re doing right now. What have you done today to reach your longterm goals? Here’s what I’ve done today:

  • Written two blog posts
  • Did a 40-minute cardio workout
  • Walked one mile (with Shep)
  • Cleared my kitchen of extra clutter (got one full garbage bag for charity)
  • Worked on setting up a video studio
  • Practiced my guitar for half an hour
  • Read about SlideShare for adding presentations to Hip Diggs

I don’t tell you about all stuff I’ve accomplished today to brag. I’m just pointing out a simple truth. Change is a slow process.

My blog still isn’t monetized, but I’m developing more content to take it in that direction. I don’t have a six pack, but I’m keeping myself in good shape. My house isn’t the perfect picture of minimalism, but it’s getting closer. My daily habits will help me get to where I want to be.

Stop stressing out about change. If you work at it, it will come. If you push too hard, you’ll burn out. Just keep doing a little bit each day and you’ll be on your way to a better you.

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