5 Reasons To Think Twice Before You Give Something Away

This is a blog about simple living, minimalism, and decluttering. I’m supposed to be ruthless about letting stuff go. But sometimes you want to think twice before you give something away. Today, we’ll look at a few questions to ask before you let something go.

If you’ve ever decluttered, you’ve probably done it. You gave something away that you later wish you hadn’t. If you’re an inspiring minimalist, listen closely before you purge everything. Sometimes it’s smarter to think twice.

Think Twice Before You Buy Twice

Okay, in some cases it makes sense to replace something. If your refrigerator dies, your computer is outdated, or your shoes are falling apart, it’s probably safe to let them go and replace them. But if you give stuff away in a decluttering frenzy only to have to buy new, you’re not really being a minimalist. You’re consuming more.

It makes more sense to keep some things. Let’s consider some times you should think twice:

  1. It’s a useful tool: It makes sense to own a hammer, a tape measure, a shovel, and many other tools. If you give a tool away, only to have to buy another of the same thing three months later, you’re being a consumer and wasting money. 
  2. You can repurpose something: Some things can serve more than one purpose. Furniture often falls into this category. Before you give that old cabinet or chest away, consider using it for something else. I use an old trunk as an end table and an old cabinet for my dog’s supplies.
  3. It’ll save money in the long run: I have more shoes in my closet than I really need. But they’re all good shoes that I wear. Instead of giving a few pair away, I hold onto them. After I wear out one pair, I can wear out another.
  4. It’s classic: As a musician, I have several musical instruments. I own an old lap steel that I don’t play often. But it’s a classic. It’s increasing in value, and I do occasionally work on my slide licks. It doesn’t take up much room. Why not hold onto it?
  5. It’s a family keepsake: I chose the photo with Converse All Stars on purpose. See that little tiny pair of All Stars? My daughter had a little pair of pink ones as an infant. They are precious and cute. I keep a few rubber totes with family keepsakes in the garage. Annie will appreciate that later.

More Reasons To Think Twice

I’m sure there are other reasons to think twice before giving something away. Be careful not to overthink and hold onto junk you don’t really need. But don’t give things away that you could potentially use. If you give stuff away only to replace it, you’re consuming more. 

Part of living simply is making good use of what you already have. Think twice.

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