10 Strategies To Simplify Your Life

Does life seem too complicated? Would you like to simplify your life? There are many ways to get started at making life easier. It all starts with you. Learn 10 strategies to simplify your life, exclusively at Hip Diggs.

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In today’s hectic world driven by the culture of busy, it’s easy to get swept up in the chaos. I’m a single dad and I work a full-time job as a college professor. I know that things can get busy. But I’ve found a few ways to help simplify life:

Try These To Simplify Your Life

  1. Get up early: You know what they say about the worm, but that’s not all the early bird gets. The early bird gets more done around the house during the quiet hours. When you get up early, you get a head start on your chores. 
  2. Clean as you go: I used to work in restaurants. I was taught to “clean as you go.” Use this strategy at home. When the laundry basket is full, do a load. Do the dishes after each meal. This will simplify life more than you can imagine. I use the same strategy for my email.
  3. Pay the bills on time: There’s nothing worse than the anxiety of unpaid bills hanging over your head. If you can, pay bills as soon as they’re delivered. This way you’ll escape the stress of worrying about them later. 
  4. Take naps: In today’s fast-paced world, an extra hour of sleep does wonders. It recharges your battery so you can get more done.
  5. Eat at home: An occasional meal out is okay. But creating a routine at home will keep you healthy. Nothing kills the simple life like too many trips to the doctor. Simplify your life by eating healthy at home.
  6. Shop less: Only buy what you need. Coordinate your shopping trips so that you can hit several places on the same outing. Buy enough food to last a couple weeks. 
  7. Take time for coffee or tea: Do you stop and sit? Coffee and tea can help you slow down. Take time to intentionally take short coffee and tea breaks.
  8. Exercise: Walking is the perfect exercise. If you want to simplify your life, take a short walk several times a week. Walking allows you to slow down. It gives you time to think. You can accomplish more mental tasks than you’d think, all while walking.
  9. Choose radio over TVTurn off your TV. It’s mostly a waste of time. Radio, however, can work as inspiration and motivation. Music can soothe the soul. It can get you going while you’re working on projects around the house. Listen to more music to simplify life.
  10. Go to bed on time: Don’t stay up too late. I wake up early. If I stay up late, I get less sleep. Less sleep leads to tiredness and complications. Set a bedtime and stick with it.

Get Started Today!

If you want to simplify your life, take these 10 strategies to heart. I guarantee you’ll be happier and healthier for the doing.

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  1. I agree with all, except the getting up early! My brain doesn’t work well early. As a night owl, my creative juices get flowing later at night. I think we have to go with our natural wiring, and getting up early has never worked for me. If I get up too early, I end up falling asleep over my coffee or shortly thereafter. I hated getting up early when I had to for jobs. My body still got its second wind to stay up late. Now, I’m able to fit my schedule around what I prefer. On the days I have to go to campus and teach, I only go a few days a week by 9 or 10 a.m. That works so much better for me!
    All the other stuff, I am working on! Great post, once again!

    1. You’re right, Vicki. There are morning people and night people. I worked graveyard shift through most of my 20s. I loved being a night person and I still got stuff done in the late afternoons. I still stay up late sometimes. I’ve discovered that mornings help me get all the little stuff done and that opens up time for creativity later in the day. So I’m actually doing more of the mindless stuff in a half sleep stage.

    2. I’m with you Vickie. I have been wired that way since birth my mom said. Lol
      I can do it all just adjusting the hours I do it. 🙂

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