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The heart of Hipdiggs, the Minimalism category delves deep into the philosophy and practice of minimalism. It explores the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle, offers practical tips for decluttering, and encourages thoughtful discussions about consumerism, simplicity, and finding happiness in less.

10 Minimalist Strategies To Live By


If you’ve lived like an average American, you’ve probably always had more than you’ve needed. I’ve purposefully tried to keep my life simple. I spent years without a car. I lived in trailers and studio apartments throughout my twenties and…

9 Minimalist Hobbies For Everyday People


I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become a minimalist. It’s been a lifelong journey. Along the way, I’ve found several hobbies that fit the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist hobbies are everyday hobbies. You don’t have to practice…

Hip Diggs Top 10 Posts Of 2014


Hip Diggs is a relatively new site. Although the site officially started in January, 2014, it wasn’t until October, 2014, that we found our new look and feel. I wasn’t going to do a “best of” post, but it’s been…