The Rejuvenating Power Of Beautiful Places

Today, I’m writing from a beautiful place. It’s one of many beautiful places I like to visit. I’m looking out at the water of the Port Townsend Bay. It’s rejuvenating.

Photo by Dan Erickson

I often write about the importance of vacation time. I’ve also written several posts about getting back to nature. And as I sit here today, I can feel the rejuvenating power in several ways.

Port Townsend is a small town on the tip of the Quimper Peninsula in Washington State. It’s known for it’s scenic beauty, wooden boats, and artistic residents. It’s a beautiful place.

Rejuvenating Power Of Being In A Beautiful Place

  1. Calm: In today’s world we are bombarded with stress and chaos on a regular basis. When we make a point to take time to visit beautiful places, we intentionally move away from the stress. It’s important to find calmness. It provides us with a sense of peace and tranquility. Currently, I’m listening to the gentle waves on the shore of the bay while seagulls cry. Sailboats are scattered about the water. It’s very rejuvenating.
  2. Community: I used to think one had to get away from humanity in order to find peace. But that’s not true. As humans, we can find healing powers in each other. I’ve noticed that the most beautiful places I’ve been are also home to some of the most beautiful people I’ve met. Port Townsend has a wonderful mix of sailors, artists, boat-builders, writers, and musicians. The spirit of the people is enough to rejuvenate anyone who is willing to say hello.
  3. Focus: The everyday nitty-gritty can become overwhelming. It can cause us to lose focus on the more important things in life. I’m not talking about our jobs, our homes, or even our goals. I’m talking about gratitude. Being in beautiful places helps us to remember to be thankful for what we have: for life, health, and family. When we take time to be thankful, worry and fear will often dissipate. As a writer, the rejuvenating process also allows me to recharge my creative batteries.

Photo by Dan Erickson

And I Can Even Enjoy A Good Cup Of Coffee Or Tea

Port Townsend is not the warmest place in the world. It’s a cool 61 degrees as I write this post. Fortunately, there is good coffee in town. And the cool air is more rejuvenating than the 100-degree summer weather of my hometown. Perfect.

This isn’t to say that my own town isn’t a beautiful place. It is. In fact, my own back yard can be the most beautiful place on earth when my spirit is right. A beautiful place doesn’t have to be an ocean, a mountain, or a river. Almost any place can be beautiful. It’s all in how we look at it. 

Port Townsend: Photo by Dan Erickson

I encourage you to take some time to seek calm, community, and focus. Find a place that is beautiful in the moment and feel the rejuvenating power.

Dan Erickson


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