10 Beautiful Outcomes To Living Simply

Simple living has it’s rewards. So rather than pushing rules on you and suggesting that you declutter and get rid of stuff, today I’ll just share 10 beautiful outcomes.

When we make intentional choices to live simply, there are some major payoffs. Things that might seem inconvenient at first have beautiful outcomes in the end. Let’s take a look at a few:

10 Beautiful Outcomes Of Simple Living

  1. More time: Imagine spending more time with your kids, your aging grandparents, parents, or your closest friends. Or maybe you want to write a book or start a small business. When you simplify, you’ll have more time.
  2. Extra money: Money in itself isn’t really beautiful, but what you can do with it can be. Imagine helping others financially or getting your kids through college without loans.
  3. More space: Both physical and mental, a beautiful outcome of simple living is a feeling of having more space. Imagine a wide open field or an ocean sunrise.
  4. Better relationships: When we live with less, we have more time to nurture important relationships. We can spend that time talking one-on-one instead texting because we’re not always on the run.
  5. More exercise: Giving up driving might seem extreme, but if you do, you will be healthier for it. Walking and riding a bike will become your primary modes of transportation. That will take off those extra pounds.
  6. Tastier food: No microwave and less prepackaged foods equal better meals. Better meals are heartier and healthier. 
  7. Less stress: Sometimes the road to simple living can be stressful. But once you reach a certain point you’ll find more peace and less stress. That’s a beautiful outcome.
  8. Spiritual strength: Jesus didn’t own much. Most great spiritual leaders understand this concept. The less you own, the more you can focus on your spiritual growth
  9. Smaller bills: No cable TV, no car payments, no Internet, this all adds up to less outgoing cash. It might seem inconvenient at first, but think of the beautiful things you could do with the extra money. 
  10. More creativity: This is my favorite of the beautiful outcomes. With time and money saved, I get creative. With less time using technology, I can write poetry, books, music, and more.

But Simple Can Be Overdone

Before you rush to rid yourself of all excess, remember, simple can be overdone. Living in a tiny house, going without a car, and having no TV might be simple. But you also might find that too much simplicity could lead to more stress.

I went three summers without air conditioning. It was simple and I had smaller bills. But my house was a living hell. I went two summers without Internet. I actually enjoyed those summers, but discovered that I spent more money and time in coffee shops in the long run.

There’s a healthy balance. Extreme minimalism is probably too much for most of us. Just make a commitment to letting go of excess and experimenting with lessening some of today’s conveniences. In the end you’ll discover some beautiful outcomes. 

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