16 Simple Living Tips For The Rest Of Your Life

Another year is just around the corner. Everybody is busy making New Year’s resolutions. I’m not big fan of New Year’s resolutions. I believe in making positive changes every day, all year long. I think we should continually try to improve our lives and our world. Today, I’ll share 16 simple living tips you can use in the coming year and every year for the rest of your life.

If your life feels like it’s too complicated there are many things you can do to simplify. From uncluttering to exercise, you can make positive changes every day. Today’s post: “16 simple living tips” only touches the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you to take a look at Hip Diggs’ “All Posts” page for more simple living ideas:

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16 Simple Living Tips

  1. Get rid of stuff: I get rid of stuff regularly. I still have more then I need. Face it. Most of us have more than we need. Go through one room in your home today and pick out three things to give to a charity.
  2. Stop over-committing: A few years ago I stopped saying, “yes.” I was running crazy, trying to keep up with all my commitments. If I’d have kept going that way, I’d likely have wound up being committed to the psych ward myself.
  3. Stop stressing outAll the excess stuff and overcommitment leads to stress. Once you start eliminating some of those things, you’ll find more peace. In the meantime, take a half hour every day to just sit, relax and breathe.
  4. Start WalkingA daily walk can do wonders. Many studies have found that walking regularly is one of the best forms of exercise for longevity. Start walking today.
  5. Eat more vegetables: If you want to eat right, don’t start on a fad diet. Just eat more vegetables. Sure you need your fruit and protein, but vegetables are the core of good health. I love this post about eating a crapton of vegetables at Zen Habits. I dare you to read it!
  6. Turn off your TV: Let’s face it, TV sucks up your energy. It keeps you from getting exercise. It keeps you from getting important household chores completed. Turn it off. Better yet, if you’re brave, get rid of your TV.
  7. Buy less junk: You have enough. Really! You do. I’d venture to guess that 90% of the non-food items we buy are really not needed. Sort your needs out from your wants. If you don’t really need it, don’t buy it!
  8. Play more music: Whether you play an instrument or just play the radio, music is a great part of simple living. It soothes. It energizes. It speaks to the soul. If you have an old instrument gathering dust in the closet, get it out and play.
  9. Read more books: I didn’t say read more blogs. Read books. Real books. Paper books. There’s still something about reading physical books that brings a sense of peace and relaxation. Get started with this: A Train Called Forgiveness.
  10. Ditch your fears: Fear does not simplify life. Fear complicates life. Fear is the number one thing that holds us back from almost everything else we want to accomplish. If you want to simplify your life, ditch your fears.
  11. Pay your bills: Okay, I’ll admit that I’m still in debt. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Why? Because I pay my bills. I pay all of my bills on time every month. Oh, and if you’re not using a bill-pay application, try it. Bill paying has become a dream since I started.
  12. Don’t try too hard: With all this talk about simple living, you might be inspired to make a drastic change. Don’t. It’s when we try too hard that things often backfire. Check out this article: Why Slow Change Is Better Than Fast Change.
  13. Stop comparing yourself: Don’t look at others and wish you were more like them. You are who you are. Be yourself and be happy. It was only after I stopped comparing my writing and my blogs to others that I finally started creating a great representation of who I am. Now I can truly help others.
  14. Love others freely: Don’t be judgmental. When we judge others based on our own perceptions of them, we burn negative energy. Do your best to love everyone equally. I have a sibling who has chosen to change gender. I still love her for who she is.
  15. Forgive your enemies: I was the child victim of a cult. The leader of the cult did things that hurt me for life. Essentially, I have PTSD. But it was only when I learned to forgive the leader of the cult that I was able overcome my hate toward him. Do you have anyone you need to forgive?
  16. Get rid of more stuff: The last of the 16 simple living tips goes back to the first tip. Get rid of excess stuff. You know where it is. It’s in the junk drawer, the closet, the garage, or the basement. Let it go. You’ll find more peace. Life will become more simple. And you can help others in the process.

Start Living More Simply Today

Hip Diggs wishes you the best in the coming year. I hope these 16 simple living tips have inspired you to make a few changes in your own life in 2016. But don’t restrict yourself to short-term changes. Make a point to continue to find ways to simplify your life and make this world a better place.

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