Hip Diggs Top 20 Posts Of 2015

Each year at Hip Diggs, I like to review the top posts of the year. This year is unique because I wasn’t counting for most of the year. I spent most of the year focusing on writing great content.

Last December, right after I calculated my 2014 year’s review, I turned off all analytics programs at Hip Diggs. I wanted to focus on quality writing.

Recently, in my article, My Perspective On Personal Growth, I posted that I was going to begin to focus on growing Hip Diggs. The point of growing the site isn’t to get numbers and drive more traffic, but simply to share the things I’ve discovered about simple living and minimalism with others. 

Beginning on January 1, 2016, I’ll also be opening the comments at Hip Diggs.

2015 has been a great year. After I turned my analytics back on, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hip Diggs was getting about 5000 visits per month from locations all over the world.

Top Ten Cities That Visited Hip Diggs In 2015

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Sydney
  4. Toronto
  5. Chicago
  6. Melbourne
  7. Milan
  8. Brisbane
  9. Seattle
  10. Los Angeles

That’s a pretty cool international mix. Thank you all for your support. I”ll continue to write engaging content in 2016. I hope you’ll continue visiting Hip Diggs. 

Note: Because I just turned my analytics back on, holiday posts scored high on the list.

Hip Diggs’ Top 20 Posts

  1. 5 Ways To Cut Back On Excess This Christmas (December, 2014)
  2. 25 Links To Hip Diggs’ Favorite Blogs (November, 2015)
  3. Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Life (October, 2014)
  4. 9 Minimalist Hobbies For Everyday People (December, 2014)
  5. 10 Minimalist Strategies To Live By (March, 2015)
  6. Take The Ten Step Challenge To Simple Living (October, 2014)
  7. 12 Steps To Creating A Minimalist Home (June, 2015)
  8. Four Fears Are The Root To All Your Problems (December, 2014)
  9. 6 Ways To Simplify The Holidays (November, 2015)
  10. 7 Reasons To Keep Walking For Exercise (November, 2015)
  11. 5 Simple Ways To Clear Your Space And Clear Your Mind (November, 2015)
  12. A Minimalist View On The Value Of Time (January, 2015)
  13. 5 Steps To Christmas Savings (November, 2015)
  14. Happiness Is A Free Book With No Signup (November, 2014)
  15. 5 Reasons To Turn Off Your TV Screen (November, 2014)
  16. Minimalist Or Pragmatist: That’s A Good Question (September, 2015)
  17. Applying The Ten Commandments To Minimalism (May, 2015)
  18. Clean Space Creates A Relaxing Place (October, 2014)
  19. 14 Simple Foods For Better Health (November, 2014)
  20. 9 Reasons To Stop Collecting Stuff (July, 2015)

Mix Up The Old And The New

I’m excited to see that some of my oldest posts are still getting views. That helps me know that I’ve been consistently writing content that readers find valuable. In fact, my two original posts are still in the top 10 this year.

I’m going to keep writing great content in 2016. I hope that you’ll continue taking this simple living journey with me.

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